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Tourist Attractions

Lombok Island although less developed then Bali regarding tourism, is set to be the next tourist hotspot, so it is ideal for that private holiday retreat away from the commotion of regular tourist spots.

Lombok has an average temperature of between 28 and 34 degrees so a nice warm climate all year round.

Lombok is blessed with many wondrous tourist attractions including:

  • Gilli Islands - famous for their beautiful sandy beaches and ideal snorkeling opportunities
  • Museum Negeri Tenggara Barat; Pura Lingsar - a large temple complex built in 1714
  • Mount Rinjani - at 3,726m high an active volcano, popular for hikers and the hot spring thought to have healing powers
  • Senggigi - a town sanctified by its amazing beaches and great snorkeling facilities and;
  • Mataram, the capital city of Lombok also has a huge shopping complex that should adequately meet your shopping needs.

With lovely welcoming locals, Lombok Island is sure to be you perfect holiday destination!

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