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Top Ten Things to Do in Kuta, Lombok

Kuta, Lombok is the hot new Indonesian holiday destination fast taking over from the hustle and bustle of Bali. There are many things to do while in Kuta, Lombok but here is our list of “must dos.” In no particular order…

Hang out in a Lombok Beach Bar

Order some drinks and maybe some food and enjoy the sea, sand, sun and whatever else comes your way.

Kuta Lombok Beach Bar with Buffalo

Go Swimming at Mawaun Beach (or Tanjung Aan)

There are many beaches in and around Kuta but Mawaun Beach definitely takes the cake. Tanjung Aan Beach is a close second and a bit closer to Kuta Town (refer to our map at the bottom of the page).

Mawaun Swimming Beach Lombok

Visit the Traditional Sasak Village

See how the Sasak people have been living for centuries in this traditional Sasak village. It is a little on the touristy side but still a really interesting visit.

Traditional Sasak Village

Hit Up One of the Surf Spots or Take Surfing Lessons

South Lombok is a famous surfing mecca with many great breaks to choose from. If you’re not already a surfer, Kuta is also a great place to take some lessons and have a lot of fun. We’ve found Kimen Surf to be really high quality surf lesson providers.

Relaxing with a coconut between surfing lessons

Take in the Magnificent View of Kuta Bay from Ashtari Coffee House

Ashtari Coffee House has been entertaining Kuta visitors and locals for more than ten years and once you get there its not hard to see why its so popular. The beautifully constructed building sits up on the high and the large balcony overlooks Kuta and Kuta Bay. The views are simply stunning! Ashtari also has tasty food and drink and board games to keep you entertained for hours.

Cool drink at Ashtari

Visit Monkey Mountain and Princess Mandalika Statue

What will you find there? Monkeys! From around mid afternoon, monkeys gather at this base of this large and steep hill next to the ocean. You can buy some fruit from a local and feed the monkeys if you are game. If you walk around the “mountain” you’ll also find some nice quiet swimming spots.

While you’re there you should also check out the Princess Mandalika Statue which illustrates a local legend.

Monkey Mountain Kuta Lombok

Photo above courtesy of

Have a Yummy Meal (or three) in Local Restaurants and Cafes

There’s tonnes of great restaurants and cafes in Kuta, see our list over here. We’ll just give a quick shout out to El Bazar Cafe & Restaurant, Gulas Garden & Warung Drifters.

Chocolate Cake in The Corner French Bakery and Bar

Go Scuba Diving, Snorkeling or Boating

We’ve discussed the magnificent beaches and swimming but you should get out and explore the wider ocean too. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Boating trips can be organised through Scuba Surf Lombok and Scuba Froggy.

Visit an Out of the Way Village

Take half a day or a day to visit an out of the way village away from the rest of the tourists. This is a great opportunity to interact with local people who don’t come across tourists everyday. Don’t be surprised when local school children point and shout “tourist!” with big smiles on their faces as you drive past. If you have the opportunity, stop and say hello, interact with the locals, see how they live. The experience will be totally different and very rewarding.

A good time to do this is on the way to or back from the Benang Stokel & Kelambu Waterfalls (pictured below).

Benang Stokel & Kelambu Waterfalls

Watch the Sunset

For the perfect way to end your Kuta, Lombok trip, watch the sunset over Kuta Bay. There’s two main sunset viewing points that you can see on our map. The Merese Hills point gets a better sunset view but its a bit further away. The Pantai Seger point is closer to the town and therefore you get a better view of Kuta itself before the sun disappears behind the headland (as in the photo below).

Sunset Viewing Point Kuta

Bonus 1: Get to know the bracelet kids

They seem cute at first but quickly become annoying – young kids down on the beach trying to sell you bracelets and other things. However, if you’re in Kuta a for a while we suggest trying to get to know the kids, have some fun with them and admire their awesome sales skills – they know every trick in the book.

Bonus 2: Hire a scooter and explore the area

The best way to explore Kuta and southern Lombok is by scooter. They cost around 50,000 IDR / day (not including fuel). A scooter will give access to tonnes of secluded beaches, towns and other spots just waiting to be explored.

Bonus 3: Sleep in and Lay By the Pool All Day at Sari Inn

Don’t forget you’re on holidays and need to take time to relax! We’ve got you covered at Sari Inn with a pool, sunbeds, gazebos and massages available for our guests.

Check out the Sari Inn Villa | Take a Look at the Sari Inn House

Sari Inn House, Villa & Grounds

Sari Inn Pool

Tourism Map

We hope you enjoyed our article. Check out the map below to find all the spots we’ve mentioned and some more.

Kuta Beach Over Time

In this post we are displaying photos of Kuta Beach over time. These photos are from travel bloggers and others who have visited or lived in the area and have given permission for us to use the photos.

Also be sure to check out our blog stats and trends post to see some statistics about the number of blog posts about Kuta, Lombok over time.

Looking East

Kuta Beach, Lombok

May 2014 – Photo courtesy of


May 2014 – Photo courtesy of

Kuta Beach

June 2014 – Photo courtesy of

Kuta Beach

June 2014 – Photo courtesy of

Looking West

Kuta Beach

May 2014 – Photo courtesy of


June 2014 – Photo courtesy of

Middle / Looking Out

Kuta BeachMay 2013 – Photo courtesy of


May 2014 – Photo courtesy of

Kuta BeachJune 2014 – Photo courtesy of


Exploring the Beaches

One of the best things about being on holiday is about sitting out on the beach, getting some sun. You have the perfect excuse to turn off all if your wireless devices; there is no service on the beach. Disconnect from work and tasks and reconnect with family and friends. All you need when you visit KutaLombok is some sunscreen, a good book and nice cold bottle of water.

The Best Beaches in Kuta

There are a myriad of places to set up your beach towel and let it all go. Whether you are looking to surf, looking for sea life or you are looking for a safe place to go with the kids, there is a beach for you. Some of the best beaches in KutaLombok include:

  • Bangko Bangko Beach
  • Gili Islands
  • Kuta Beach
  • Mawun Beach
  • Selong Blanak
  • Sindang Gila Waterfall
  • Tanjung Aan

The Best Beaches for Surfing

There are some stunning places to catch a wave in KutaLombok. While you could go surfing in Bali, Lombok offers a serene place to connect with the waves and a place to learn without being run over by masses of other surfers. One such beach which is terrific for learning to surf is Tanjung Aan. This white sandy beach has just the right size waves to begin to learn on. When you have the hang of the board go the place known as the Desert Point. Bangko Bangko Beach is much less crowded than the surf you will find in Bali and has been known to average 300 metre breaks.

The Best Beaches for Your Family

When looking for a safe place to visit with your family you will want a place to set up a picnic, a place with flat stretches of shoal or a place to look for starfish with the kids. Mawun beach has great big trees to sit under while you picnic and fresh coconuts to refresh you from the sun. When you are looking to explore the Gili Islands have wonderful places to snorkel. Spend time here with the kids and learn all about local biology while disguising it as fun. The kids will learn something new, explore new worlds and create memories.

The Best Beaches to Relax

Kuta Beach is one of the best beaches for taking a nice stroll at sunset. Search for shells during the day to preserve as mementos and talk about your future with your new spouse on your honeymoon at night. A bit further west from Kuta you will find Selong Beach. This stunning spot is very removed and open during the week. You can head here to meditate, practice yoga or simply listen to the waves.

A Romantic Escape

While you can rest and relax in any of these locations, it is important to know a romantic spot when on holiday for your honeymoon. The Sindang Gila Waterfall is a stunning spot. Watch the waters careen over the hill as you and your love walk underneath and wade in the water below. This is truly a space to stop and gaze into each other’s eyes.

The Right Beach for You

When planning a trip to KutaLombok there are not many places that will let you down. Almost anywhere you turn here in paradise you will find a lovely space to lay down your blanket. When you head out on holiday rest assured that all beaches are beautiful, you just need to find the one which will suit your activities.

Why Kuta, Lombok > Kuta, Bali

When you tell people that you’re going to Kuta they will wish you well, they will wonder if you are going to be surfing and, those in the know will ask you which one? Kuta is the name of two regions within twenty miles of one and another. Kuta, Bali is very different from Kuta, Lombok. If you will be traveling, it is important to know the difference.

Kuta, Bali

Kuta, Bali is a well-known, high traffic area for tourists looking to spend time on the Indian Ocean. This area is right near the airport and has some of the best surfing around. As this is a high tourist area you will find many bars, restaurants and kitschy shops. Kuta, Bali has a growing reputation as one of the best places to party for Australian tourists, backpackers and students.

Kuta in Bali is very congested. As this area has been a tourist spot for decades, many businesses, hotels and attractions have come to the area. Perhaps the influx was too quick for city planners, as a common complaint about Kuta, Bali is that it is congested, dirty and not well organized.

Even with all of the tourism there is still a strong religious aspect to Kuta, Bali. In the mornings you can do yoga on the beach. As you are performing your sun salutation you will see locals throwing offerings into the sea.

Kuta, Lombok

There could not be two places of the same name that were so different. Kuta, Lombok could be referred to as the hidden Kuta. This area retains much of its natural beauty. With white sand beaches, blue-green water and dirt roads that lead to Mount Rinjani National Park, you may feel as if you are in paradise.

Kuta, Lombok is just as fabulous for surfing as Kuta, Bali. Here you will find clean beaches and great surf. There are plenty of surf schools for novices who are looking to take on their first wave. Perhaps it is the love of surfing for the high end traveler which is drawing the luxury accommodations to this Kuta.

As Kuta, Lombok is less densely populated than Kuta, Bali there is plenty of room on the beach. Whether you are here to get in touch with your spiritual side or simply get a tan, these beaches offer visitors an amazing view. Spend a day on Kuta Beach or travel to one of the more secluded bays such as Mawun.

One thing that Kuta, Lombok will always have over Kuta, Bali is Mount Rinjani. When you want to see nature in all her glory, this is your destination. The second largest volcano in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani is currently an active volcano. There has been volcanic activity up to and including a recorded eruption in 2010. When it is deemed safe, visitors can make the trek up the volcano to see the ash, cockatoos, monkeys and Segara Anak crater lake.

Kuta, Lombok > Kuta, Bali

For the traveler looking to fly in, party hard then fly out, Kuta, Bali is your stop. With great surfing, local restaurants, beaches full of new friends to meet, surfing classes, yoga classes and culture everywhere you look, Kuta, Bali is a fine option.

For the high end traveler looking for a bit of paradise then Kuta, Lombok is your destination. This fishing village still harvests cinnamon, vanilla and coffee at the base of its extraordinary volcano. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the every day. Renew your sense of calm, get in touch with nature, surf, do yoga, and enjoy the view at Kuta, Lombok.