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View from Ashtari Coffee House Over Time

In this post we are displaying photos of the view from Ashtari Coffee House over time. These photos are from travel bloggers and others who have visited or lived in the area and have given permission for us to use the photos.

Also be sure to check out our blog stats and trends post to see some statistics about the number of blog posts about Kuta, Lombok over time.

View from Ashtari Coffee House

ashtari 1

January 2010 – Photo courtesy of

ashtari 2

May 2013 – Photo courtesy of

ashtari 3

August 2013 – Photo courtesy of

ashtari 4

ashtari 5

ashtari 6

ashtari 7

ashtari 8

February 2014 – Photos courtesy of

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May 2014 – Photo courtesy of

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Mawaun Beach Over Time

In this post we are showing photos of Mawaun Beach over time. These photos are from travel bloggers and others who have visited or lived in the area and have given permission for us to use the photos.

Also be sure to check out our blog stats and trends post to see some statistics about the number of blog posts about Kuta, Lombok over time.


theflowtrells_1_mauwan beach

theflowtrells_2_mauwan beach

May 2013 – Photos courtesy of

Looking East

looking east 2

January 2010 – Photo courtesy of

looking east 1

May 2012 – Photo courtesy of

Looking Out

looking out 1

May 2012 – Photo courtesy of

looking out 2

looking out 3

looking out 4

looking out 5

looking out 6

looking out 7

May 2013 – Photos courtesy of

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April 2014 – Photo courtesy of

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looking out 10

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Looking West

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Parking bay

parking bay

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Planning an Itinerary with Kids

When traveling to KutaLombok, you should plan your itinerary. Decide what activities you will do so that you can maximize your time in this secret paradise. When traveling with children it is important to find family friendly activities which will help build the memories which will last a lifetime. When you are out and about with your family, consider these activities.

A Day at the Beach

Planning to spend a day at the beach is as simple as it sounds. Take some time out to turn off all the electronics and simply spend time with family. At Serenting Beach there is lots of room for wading in the water. Some of the activities you may wish to plan for your day at the beach include:

  • Star Fish Hunting in Low Tide
  • Build Sand Castles
  • Spot Fishing Boats
  • Sunbathe
  • Learn to Swim

Additional beaches you may wish to visit are Kuta Beach, Seger Beach and Mawun.

Test Your Core

Learning to surf is one of the joys of being on holiday. When you head back home you can surf over the weekends and remind yourself of the calm which came over you when you first learned to connect with the waves. Taking your children to surf is at once challenging and rewarding. You will see them struggle to get the board to do what they want. Eventually you will see the joy in their little faces as they learn to not conquer the wave, but to ride the wave. Great places to surf in KutaLombok include:

  • Gerupuk
  • Aik Guling

Share the Sights

When you bring your children to a new place for the first time it is a great idea to sneak in some learning with all the fun. Taking the kids on a tour of Lombok helps them to connect with the area and get a sense for another culture without knowing they are learning. When back in school when studying geography or history your children will have a greater world view and be able to link personal experience to what they are reading in their textbooks.

At Sari Inn we have a great tour guide on staff. He will take you around the island on a day trip which will bring you to waterfalls, mountains and some of the finest craftspeople around.

Make Your Trip Fun for the Whole Family

When on holiday no matter where you go, take into account everything your entire family wants to do. Break up your activities so that everyone can get a sense of what they were looking for out of the trip. You are in paradise and to some that may mean lying on the beach while to others it may mean tasting the cuisine. Making sure everyone is included in the planning, makes the trip more exciting.

A Honeymoon to Remember

When planning your honeymoon, you want everything to be perfect. However, after going through all the planning from the wedding, how much detail do you really want to go over? When planning a trip to paradise, sit back and enjoy the deep blue sea as you come to learn how easy it is to fall in love with KutaLombok

Relaxation After the Wedding

Getting a massage, while looking out at the beach, is an extremely relaxing venture. Let all the stress of dealing with vendors, family and mother’s go as you have the tension eased out of your muscles. It is amazing where we can hold tension. While you may not notice it a massage therapist will be able to get those knots from under your shoulder blades which have been keeping your shoulders held up near your ears. Start your honeymoon with a relaxing massage from Sari Inn and you will be able to breathe easy for the rest of your trip.

Knowing You Will Eat Well

The restaurants in Kuta are very relaxed. Come here and have a chef create a masterpiece for you. With fresh, local ingredients you do not have to go far to find a taste of paradise. Along with the restaurants on the island the chef at Sari Inn can create all your meals for you. Stay in your room and have romantic one on one dinners every night of your stay. Along with our chef, some of the fine fare you may want to try includes a visit to:

  • Full Moon Café
  • Dwikis Café
  • Breeze Café

Romantic Island Getaways

While you should certainly spend a few days on the beach, there are many romantic spots on KutaLombok. Head underwater to find other worlds when you book a snorkeling tour. The shallows on the East Coast Beach have stunning aquatic life to explore. For a more grand adventure take a day trip to the Mayura Water Palace. This complex, covered in mangosteen trees is at once a sight to see and a bit of silence to behold.

Let You Honeymoon be an Adventure

A good mix of adventure and relaxation will fill your honeymoon with stories to share with friends and family as well as down time to connect with your new spouse. Try things you never have. Hike Mount Rinjani or go surfing for the first time. A honeymoon does not have to be all candlelit dinner and whispered conversations. You can be brave and you will have the perfect person there to hold your hand.

Exploring the Beaches

One of the best things about being on holiday is about sitting out on the beach, getting some sun. You have the perfect excuse to turn off all if your wireless devices; there is no service on the beach. Disconnect from work and tasks and reconnect with family and friends. All you need when you visit KutaLombok is some sunscreen, a good book and nice cold bottle of water.

The Best Beaches in Kuta

There are a myriad of places to set up your beach towel and let it all go. Whether you are looking to surf, looking for sea life or you are looking for a safe place to go with the kids, there is a beach for you. Some of the best beaches in KutaLombok include:

  • Bangko Bangko Beach
  • Gili Islands
  • Kuta Beach
  • Mawun Beach
  • Selong Blanak
  • Sindang Gila Waterfall
  • Tanjung Aan

The Best Beaches for Surfing

There are some stunning places to catch a wave in KutaLombok. While you could go surfing in Bali, Lombok offers a serene place to connect with the waves and a place to learn without being run over by masses of other surfers. One such beach which is terrific for learning to surf is Tanjung Aan. This white sandy beach has just the right size waves to begin to learn on. When you have the hang of the board go the place known as the Desert Point. Bangko Bangko Beach is much less crowded than the surf you will find in Bali and has been known to average 300 metre breaks.

The Best Beaches for Your Family

When looking for a safe place to visit with your family you will want a place to set up a picnic, a place with flat stretches of shoal or a place to look for starfish with the kids. Mawun beach has great big trees to sit under while you picnic and fresh coconuts to refresh you from the sun. When you are looking to explore the Gili Islands have wonderful places to snorkel. Spend time here with the kids and learn all about local biology while disguising it as fun. The kids will learn something new, explore new worlds and create memories.

The Best Beaches to Relax

Kuta Beach is one of the best beaches for taking a nice stroll at sunset. Search for shells during the day to preserve as mementos and talk about your future with your new spouse on your honeymoon at night. A bit further west from Kuta you will find Selong Beach. This stunning spot is very removed and open during the week. You can head here to meditate, practice yoga or simply listen to the waves.

A Romantic Escape

While you can rest and relax in any of these locations, it is important to know a romantic spot when on holiday for your honeymoon. The Sindang Gila Waterfall is a stunning spot. Watch the waters careen over the hill as you and your love walk underneath and wade in the water below. This is truly a space to stop and gaze into each other’s eyes.

The Right Beach for You

When planning a trip to KutaLombok there are not many places that will let you down. Almost anywhere you turn here in paradise you will find a lovely space to lay down your blanket. When you head out on holiday rest assured that all beaches are beautiful, you just need to find the one which will suit your activities.

Golfing in Kuta, Lombok

While some people are looking for a place to sit on the beach when on holiday, some look for a greener place. Looking for long stretches of green in Kuta, Lombok should lead you to some of the finest golf courses around. Not only will you be able to soak up some sun and see the stunning Mount Rinjani but you will be able to work on your game and get a hole in one. Golfing on holiday on Kuta, Lombok and having your best game will lead you to a whole new paradise.

A Challenge for All

Find out how much you can get your game under par when you take on the challenge at the Lombok Kosaido Golf Club. This 18-hole course was created by the amazing Michael Wolveridge and Perrett and Peter Thompson. The way that the green waves on the terrain will make you think that this space was man made, as everything flows together. Begin the course as you gaze out over the beach and end the game as you tackle the mountain of this course while looking up at Mount Rinjani.

Bring Your Family and Friends

One of the obstacles that golfers run into, besides the sand traps, is your family not wanting you to spend so much time on the green. However, at the G.E.C. Rinjani Golf Country Club you will be able to spend time out on this 18-hole course while your family hits the swimming pool and gazes out at Senggigi beach. When they fall in love with the amenities at this course you will be able to fall in love with the green designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Practice in the Sand

In your downtime from the fairway, practice getting out of the sand on the sand. As many of the beaches in Kuta, Lombok offer a place to stretch out during the week, you can set up your own sand trap. Bring your favourite club and head to Kuta Beach. Spend time working on your stance, your swing and keeping your shoulders over your hips. When you have spent time in the sand a normal sand trap at your courses back home will seem like a walk in the park, or on the beach.

Golfing in Kuta, Lombok

Golfing is a wonderful way to spend time. You are getting sun, exercise and letting the spreadsheets fall away. Listen to the green, listen to the waves and let your caddy be your guide.

The Wonders of Kuta, Lombok

Kuta, Lombok is something of a hidden gem. People come here rather than Kuta, Bali to get away from it all. When you are looking for stunning beaches, great surfing and a calm place for holiday, this is a dream destination. Additionally, with the new Lombok International Airport which has come to town not only is getting here easier, but there are a few more amenities.

Bringing People and Places

The new airport in Lombok not only makes it easier to get here on holiday, but there is now an increase in business. Where once there may have only been one restaurant or warung on the Main Street side of Kuta, there are now quite a few places to dine and shop. For those that like to take an afternoon off from tanning this is a pleasant turn of events.

However, do not expect the bustling streets of Kuta, Bali. The restaurants still keep that local feel. The introduction of neon lights and revolving doors may be many years off. For now enjoy the increase in plates from local chefs, increase in vendors of bracelets and linens and an increase in traffic from guests of local homestays.

More Development in the Works

While Kuta, Lombok may never be like Kuta, Bali you can expect to see more and more development. The airport will surely bring an increase in revenue. The possible plan for development could be raised from the Bali Tourist Development Corporation and the Pacific Asian Travel Association. In the works there are whispers of golf courses, underwater parks and even a race track. This beautiful area has much to offer and you can be sure that when the developers see it, they will want to be a part of it.

Though Change May Not Be Quick

There is a simplicity about Kuta, Lombok that people like. The beaches being swept in the morning with the help of cattle, store signs being hand drawn on surfboards and local fish being smoked and then sold from large laundry style baskets are what gives this area a certain charm. People come here because it is not Kuta, Bali. The visitors here are not interested in shopping for hours and then partying at the bar. The people who come here are interested in the drowsy attitude which makes Kuta, Bali what it is. To transform the area into one which is already known for the hustle and bustle of a big city would be a shame. This family destination is perfect for those with many kids or those thinking of starting out.

Come to Kuta, Lombok with ease thanks to the new airport and rest easy on the many stunning beaches.